Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hey, blog fans. We had a wonderful time at the gem mine Sunday. As advertised we rolled out from Morgan's in town at 1:00. Then it was off through the country towards the Hiddenite Gem Mine. With Gary Lovin leading everyone, we rode through quite a few little towns including Stoney Point and Scott. We enjoyed some curves, stunning scenery and serene drive.

After the relaxing, beautiful ride we arrived at the gem mine. Once parked it was down the hill to the office where we purchased our sluicing permits for $5.00 each. Then off to the sluices, we picked our buckets of dirt then took time to sift through the dirt for our gems. Some of the gems that could be found were rubies, sapphires, emeralds, aquamarines, garnets, topaz, amethysts, citrines, tourmaline, smoky and clear quartz crystals.

While at the gem mine we were listening to the thunder rolling all around us. But Lady Luck was keeping it away. After we had emptied our buckets, gathered up our stones, and enjoyed a snack it was time to hit the road again. Gary lead us over to Linney's Mill. They were closed but we were still able to cross the swinging, wooden bridge, walk in the creek, and take pictures. We headed on to Fire Mountain in Wilkesboro via Brushy Mt. Road, it rivals the "Tail of the Dragon". We rode though areas where the liquid sunshine had recently pasted through, but so far we had avoided it.

Once our tummies were full we headed home. We started to travel Hwy 16, then a little "birdie" called to say take another way. Thanks to that birdie we avoided the sleet! Gary lead us back down Hwy 321 to Startown Road, then it was time to stop and put on the weather gear, for it looked really dark ahead. However, we are a riding club, and we fear no weather. Once again we were headed home. We managed to stay dry until about two miles outside of the Lincoln Co. line.

Over all I think that everyone had a first rate experience. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the meeting Sunday. Check out the home page for details. Don't forget to bring a friend.

I'd like to mention that we had a good time at the Hog Happening event with our "dancing pig" too. It was a little hot but it wasn't unbearable. Our own Linda Lovin won first place in the Bike Show.

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