Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Busy Spring and Summer!

Hey Everyone,

We have had a busy time this Spring and Summer! I'll try to catch up on all that we have done.

We had a beautiful day April 25th for the our 2nd Annual Scavenge Hunt all proceeds went to Hospice & Palliative Care. We raised $435.00. Thanks to everyone that cam out!

May 2nd we had two Lady Riders win in the Chicks Rule Bike Show at Davis Harley Davidson in Burlington. Tina won the Metric Class and Linda won the Best in Show. Way to go Ladies!

Metric Winner!

Best In Show!!

On May 21st, one of our members was hit by a SUV as he turned into his driveway. Your know it still amazes me how you can be driving down the road and NOT SEE a RED motorcycle with his RED brake light and yellow turn signal on. Thank goodness!! Raymond was not hurt more seriously. However the bike took most of the damage and Raymond took the pain.



Raymond and Tina still managed to make it to the Farm House for Memorial Weekend. We had a good trip even if it did rain on us several times that weekend. But we take it in stride.

It took several weeks to rebuild the bike and even longer for Raymond to heal. But out of a bad situation there was the birth of REVENGE!

Re-Birth of Revenge!!

We had Beat the bike at Hog Happening on June 5th & 6th.

Beat the Bike

Hog Happening

In July, Gary and Linda both won in the weekly bike shows. However, they were unable to attend the final competition due to inclement weather, the show was re-scheduled. I personally think they would have won!



The first weekend in August we went to Skyline Village Inn. We rode the Murder Mountain Loop and went through Little Switzerland. If you are interested in a scenic curvy weekend road trip try that ride it's a fun time.

View from our door...

One of the curves...

We all met for a PJ Breakfast ride on August 16th. Yes, PJ is Pajama's. Everyone wore their PJ"S to Shoney's in Hickory for the breakfast buffet. Linda and her Pink Flamingo's won the PJ contest. I hope we do it again next year it was so much fun.

The PJ Group

The Winner!!

We need more coffee!!!!!

And Food...

On August 29th Revenge won best in show at Catawba Heights Bike Rally. This was a people's choice decision.

People's Choice
Best in Show

Labor day weekend we rented the Mahogany Rock Roost in Sparta. We again had a great time; even though Mike's bike had a flat tire. Tina gave up her bike to ride with Raymond. Don loaned his bike Mike and Maria while he rode Tina's bike. Gary got up early Monday drove home. He loaded his bike on the trailer and brought it back to the house to let Mike use his truck and trailer to get his bike and trailer home.
Thanks to the Most Wonderful Friends in the World it was a great trip. We rode to Nancy's Candy Company for our sweets the stopped in Fancy Gap at the Gap Deli for lunch.

Most Wonderful Friends in the World!

The House...The Candy Company...

Good Deli!

This past weekend we went camping at Riders Roost again it was a great trip. They were having the Military Veterans Rally. If you like camping this is a good place to go. They have great facilities. The new owners {David and Pam} are great. I can't wait to go back!

Our Camp site...

Walkin' the rocks!


This is some of the bigger rides. Not to mention the spur of the moment rides to get ice cream, rides to Blowing Rock for lunch, or many other spontaneous adventures.

Don't forget that we have the 2nd Annual Scrabble Run on Sunday October 4th. Bring a friend or more. As always, we don't care what you ride, just as long as you ride!

I'm sure we will be having more fun times in the future. Keep a check on the web or contact us for more rides.

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