Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spur of the moment Trip

A few of us got together this past Sunday for a short ride, since it was a beautiful sunny day. We met up at Morgan's parking lot at 11:00am. Then headed toward Kings Mountain. We stopped at the State Park and visited the historical center. While sitting outside, someone mentioned Strawberry Hill was just down the road. We all agreed it was a beautiful day for riding so why not. Lets go check it out. After asking directions(just to make sure we didn't get lost), we were off and going again. Unfortunately, Strawberry Hill was closed when we arrived. Even though their website says they are open seven days a week 8am to 8pm; so we'll have to go back another day. Someone asked a local couple who were there for a good place to eat close by. They directed us to Bantam Chef. This is a 50's style restaurant. It was like stepping back in time; all the old memorabilia that was all over the walls and on display. The Studebaker that was restored and sitting inside the restaurant was great too. As for the food, I will definitely take another road trip to try another item on their menu. I had the small bacon-cheeseburger (I could not have eaten the large), onion rings, and a tea; it was delicious. The price was unbelievably cheap. Once our bellies were full it was time to roll on. We headed back home via the scenic route up highway 18 into Shelby. Our little Sunday ride was about 150 miles, give or take a few, round trip. I can't wait until we can go again.

Oh, that reminds me if you don't have plans Easter week-end, we are going camping. We are traveling to Willville Motorcycle Camp Ground that weekend. This is strictly motorcycles, no cars. Check out their website and your calenders, if you are interested please contact us for more information.

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