Saturday, February 18, 2012

Shiloh General Store Members Ride February 18th 2012

Today turned out to be a beautiful day. It's amazing that the weather in one weeks time went from clear and sunny to cold and rainy then back to windy and sunny. But it turned out to be sunny and warm. It's amazing that there is a job that you can be wrong 75% of the time and still have a job. LOL :)

Today was a great day to go to Shiloh General Store in Hamptonville, NC. If you have not been there and like fresh Amish food; you must find time to visit. It's not a big place but this place has left a big impression on me.

We left this morning at about 10:00. We arrived at Shiloh General Store in time to shop and have lunch in the parking lot. There is nothing better than to have sandwiched with fresh baked bread, peppered turkey, lettuce, tomato, and don't forget the Woober's smokey horseradish and spicy mustard. Then it was time to head toward home. We were back home around 4:00.

It was a great day for a ride and even better day for friendships...

See ya next time.

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